Find the common threads…

In the past eighteen months I’ve probably read more than during any other period in my life of the same length. I’ve read books and articles on Brazilian jiu-jitsu, military history, public law, business strategy and leadership, criminal law, American football, health care and nursing and so on. Some of these I read for pleasure, some for study, and some for business.

I have found that there are similar themes and concepts that bind many of the lessons and knowledge contained in the literature I have read. It would seem foolish of me to ignore these connections and not apply them to the way I think, the way I act, and the plans I make.
Here are just a few that I’ve found so far:
1. Be humble, have an open mind, and try to get better daily.
2. Build good relationships, earn trust, be a person of integrity.
3. Become an expert communicator in all forms. Practice, practice, practice.
4. Serve the needs of others, as well as your own. Be compassionate.
5. If in doubt manoevre.
6. Failure to move or adjust is the quickest way to be defeated.
7. Leadership and teamwork make the difference when time are easy and hard.
8. Know yourself and others.
9. Avoid conflict whenever and wherever possible. Never attack a defensive position head on.
10. The human spirit makes almost anything possible.
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