Strategy or Plan?

One of the things that causes much confusion in the business world is the difference between strategy and planning. There’s much room for debate here of course, but broadly speaking i’m with the school of thought that thinks that strategy is a framework that explains what your company wants to be in the future, and planning is how you aim to get there. So for example using this definition there is no such thing as a recruitment strategy, really it’s likely that you mean a recruitment plan (long, medium, or short term).

Strategy should not be viewed as a series of plans or tactics that will eventually lead to achieving goals or targets, its rather the framework and vision for which those decisions and plans are made. Strategy should provide clarity and a degree of certainty for members of the organisation to develop and execute short, medium, and long term plans because all plans should be in support of the overall strategy. If this isn’t the case then a swift review of the circumstances is recommended because it is likely that something has drifted off-course.

Dean is a Registered Mental Health Nurse, and Chartered Manager with health and social care experience since 2007. He has managed services and hospitals across the independent and NHS settings and as a nursing director of the Midlands and Wales. 
Dean is an independent healthcare expert available at [email protected]; Senior lecturer in Nursing at NTU and BSc nursing course lead, a member of the East Midlands Clinical Senate, and a bank investigator for Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS FT. 
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