Dean Malpass FAV


Five Things I Think: 

  1. Happy Nurses’ Day 2022! Nurses are amazing and do tremendous work serving an incredible societal purpose.
  2. Mental health awareness week has encouraged lots of discussion and debate about mental health and wellness. This is good.
  3. The re-write of the Mental Health Act is welcome and long overdue, especially since the MCA 2005 was introduced. 
  4. Final year student nurses will soon be going on final placements, good luck to all of you. 
  5. The government’s scrapping of the Human Rights Act (and replacement) will provide the new legislative context for which healthcare and social care’s legal and ethical practice functions. 

The “wow he’s harsh” thought of the week:

I’ve heard enough of the talk, it’s time for action. This is how I feel about Mental Health Awareness week, and nurses’ day. We have a growing mental health crisis and believe me you do not want to live in a country that doesn’t have enough nurses for its population and their needs. 

The Business of Healthcare:

If we were to be told that the country cannot afford to properly fund the training and education of nurses and doctors etc, it would not only be offensive, but it would also be a lie. 

Bailing out the banks in 2008 cost the UK taxpayer £133 billion, HS2 £88 billion, and furlough cost £14 billion per month! By contrast a student nurse’s annual tuition fees are around £10,000 (which they pay for themselves at present.)  

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