Dean Malpass FAV


Five Things I Think 

  1. 50,000 new nurses will not be enough. The King's Fund wrote this week about the government saying that it was on track to meet its target of new nurses in England. 50,000 will not meet the increase in demand for nurses or be sufficient to replace those leaving nursing. I'm also sceptical about whether the 50,00 is a real number.
  2. The Mental Health Units (Use of Force) Act 2018 came into effect this month and so far I haven't heard much pop or fizz about it. This Act makes some large changes and brings into law some key changes that providers and staff have to adapt to. There might be some pandemic overshadowing here but i'm anxious that the sector is not ready, I hope i'm wrong. But just in case i'm not I have planned teaching sessions.
  3. Managers need to be able to manage. I fear that the more time that managers are expected (or allowed) to spend behind computers, the less effective they become as managers. Organisations and managers need to recognise that systems, processes, and cultures cannot be effectively improved behind screens.
  4. No-one seems to be happy with the status quo. I honestly cannot recall the last time I spoke to anyone involved in health or social care who was happy with the way things are (including pre-pandemic). On the bright side this should mean at least there is an awareness for the need for change, is the desire there though and the courage?
  5. That the 40,000 staff that were dismissed from England’s care homes in November due to the (repealed) mandatory covid-19 vaccination law are desperately missed from the sector. Care England reported that 43% of care homes are refusing new admissions due to staffing shortages.


The Business of Healthcare

The NHS is currently receiving 7,000 resignations per month. I'm not sure how many business in the world would be able to withstand that for an extended period of time. I also read this week in the HSJ that a NHS Trust had proposed to seek a commercial bank loan of £150m to plug a capital funding gap. The report said that the proposal was subsequently withdrawn by the Trust. I wonder if Whitehall got involved?

My Upcoming Events

May 2022 - Variable dates and locations: Mental Health Units (Use of Force) Act Masterclass. Bookings will be available via Eventbrite. 

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